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Side A stock image, Side B stock image
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  • Item #: CON0500SC

Finally, a way to make custom challenge coins without having to buy 100 or waiting a month to get them.  We do not have a minimum quantity requirement, there are no mold fees, no set up fees and turn-around time is only 1 - 3 days. 

Our die-cast zinc alloy coins are available in three colors; antique bronze, antique silver, and black nickel.  They measure 50mm in diameter (about 2 inches) and are 5mm (.20 inches) thick.  These coins are bonded with engravable hard-coat anodized plates on each side that are completely customizable.  With up to 1200 dpi resolution photographs and detailed logos are no problem.  Our coins are a blank canvass  for you to get creative with.  As with all of our products satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

To select from our stock images click HERE. After you have identified the image you would like on your coin take a look at the order code associated with it and simply come back here and select the number from the drop-down menu.

For orders of over 50 coins please contact us at for a custom quote.

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Price $14.50
5 or more $14.25 each
13 or more $14.00 each
25 or more $12.50 each